Medical Treatment Consent Form

Whenever a hospital or a medical clinic is about to conduct a treatment on a patient, it is important for it to take the consent or permission of the patient or his/her immediate family or guardian.  This consent is taken by using a medical treatment consent form. Medical treatment consent is important as it informs the patient about the treatment that the doctors plan to conduct and to tell him/her that the responsibility of the outcome would not be of the doctor’s. These forms consist of several fields including name of the patient, age of patient, gender of patient, address, contact number, name of family member/guardian, current medical condition, briefing of treatment, and possible outcomes of treatment.

A medical treatment consent form must take consent of the patient in the form of his/her signatures and/or the signature of the guardian. These forms are commonly used at hospitals and medical centers and have to be filled in by the patient in the spaces provided against the given fields. Medical treatment consent forms are legally binding in some cases and prevent the patient from claiming that the doctor was responsible for any negative outcome of a medical procedure or treatment.

Sample Medical Treatment Consent Form

Medical Treatment Consent Form

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