Medical Leave Authorization Form

A medical leave authorization is a kind of a permission or authorization which states that a student, employee or a worker is allowed or permitted to take leave from school/college or work on medical grounds. Such an authorization is written and signed by a doctor or a certified medical professional and the reason for medical leave is also clearly stated.  Such an authorization is then submitted with the school or workplace of the candidate. A form which is used to give a formal medical leave authorization is known as a medical leave authorization form. A medical leave authorization form is a very useful document which is often provided at schools or colleges to students in the case when they wish to get a leave permitted. The form is filled in by either the student or the doctor and is signed with a medical stamp so as to show the doctor’s consent and authorization. The form is already provided with a few of the main details or headings like the section to write date, the basic sentences needed, the space to write the name of the student and the space to write the reason for medical leave etc.

Sample Medical Leave Authorization Form:

Medical Leave Authorization Form

Download Medical Leave Authorization Form

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