Loan Payment Receipt Form

Whenever a borrower of a loan pays off the loan amount to the lender, then there is a document of bill which is to be prepared to record the payment of the loan. Such a document is known as a loan payment receipt. A loan payment receipt is a proof that the loan has been paid off and no amount is due on the borrower.

These receipts are formally drafted bills which are often used by banks and other financial institutes. A loan payment receipt form on the other hand is a document which is used to jot down the details of a loan payment receipt.

Such forms are used by financial institutions which may not always have the time to draft the receipts for each loan payment. The form is present with all the categories and headings which such receipts require such as the name of the borrower, the name of the lender, the amount of loan, the date on which the loan was granted and the date on which the loan has been paid off. These headings can be filled in by the user and then the borrower and the lender can sign the form to complete the receipt process.

Sample Loan Payment Receipt Form:



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