Legal Medical Authorization Release Form

In medical centers and facilities, the authorities need the patients to sign an authorization form which is indicative of the fact that he/she authorizes the hospital to release or use his/her personal medical information for official purposes. Such a form is known as a legal medical authorization release form. A legal medical authorization form is a kind of a form which is very important for medical authorities because without it, they are not allowed to use or share the medical history of the patient with other doctors or other authorities. The form is of legally binding nature which means that after signing the form, the patient cannot claim that he/she did not give his/her authorization.

Legal medical authorization release forms consist of several pieces of information such as the details of the patient including name, address, contact number, age, date of birth, height, weight, blood group, gender etc. as well as his/her medical history and treatment procedures followed. The form consists of the main headings but the rest of the details have to be filled in by the medical authorities and sign by the patient or a guardian. Such forms must be drafted very formally using a professional format.

Sample Legal Medical Authorization Release Form:

Legal Medical Authorization Release Form

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