Lease Inventory Form

Whenever a tenant moves into a property of the owner or the landlord, he/she may need to create a list of all the items present in the property at the time of moving in so as to be able to confirm their presence at the termination date of the lease as well. This kind of a list is known as a lease inventory.

A lease inventory is made in leases so that the owner or landlord can check whether or not all the items are present even at the time of end of lease. The list must also mention the condition in which the items are present. For noting down lease inventory, help of lease inventory forms is also often taken.

A lease inventory form is a kind of a form on which one can record the details of all inventory items. The form generally comes with the list of all the possible items which are expected to be present in a house or other property.

The lessee only has to tick the items which are present or mention their condition next to each entry. The form makes it easy for lessees and lessors to maintain an inventory as they also help to save time.

Sample Lease Inventory Form:



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