Landlord Tenant Closing Statement Form

Whenever a landlord and tenant who were previously engaged in lease agreement are nearing the end of the lease or have reached its expiration, they may fill out a document which records all the closing financial details such as the amount that the tenant is due to pay to the landlord or the extra amount which a landlord has and is to be returned to the tenant.   Such a document is termed as a landlord tenant closing statement form. A landlord tenant closing statement form is a typical form which must consist of all those details which are important to display to clear out all pending payments between the two parties.

The following are some of the main headings or fields which a landlord tenant closing statement form must have:

  • Name of the landlord, name of the tenant, address of both parties, contact numbers of both parties.
  • Address of the rental property
  • Commencement date of the lease, termination date of the lease
  • Monthly rental amount, amount due to be paid to the landlord, amount to be paid back to the tenant.
  • Damage repair costs, extra costs, uncollected interest amount, additional information
  • Signatures of both the parties to showcase their consent.

Sample Landlord Tenant Closing Statement Form:

Landlord Tenant Closing Statement Form


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