Landlord Inventory Form

Landlords often create a list of all those items which are present in a house or property at the time of moving in of a tenant. The list is made to make sure that one the tenancy gets over; the same items are present in the same condition. If not, then the landlord may charge the tenant extra amount for damage or loss.

This kind of a list is known as a landlord inventory. A landlord inventory is a proper display of a list of items along with the exact condition in which they are present. Theinventory is also signed by the landlord and the tenant to confirm it.

A landlord inventory form on the other hand is a document which already consists of a landlord inventory for the convenience of landlords. The form is left with spaces or check boxes in which the landlord can tick for those items which are valid.

The form makes it easier and time saving for landlords to make such inventories every time he/she rents a property to a tenant. A landlord inventory form is a commonly used documentwhich can be downloaded from the internet for instant use and customization of information.

Sample Landlord Inventory Form:



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