Landlord consent form

So you are shifting into a brand new apartment with your family? To make the process of residing in you r new apartment hassle free, it is a must that you and your landlord mutually agree on few terms and duly sign a landlord consent form where the former provides approval on you staying in his apartment. The landlord consent form is pretty structured and required both the parties to agree on the terms and conditions. The first part of the form is where the names of the two parties, landlord and tenant are mentioned along with the date where the agreement is being entered. Next the details of the property has to be entered as to where it is located, when is it being leased, and when the lease ends. Now that the basic thing have been entered, the next part of the forms deals with the terms and conditions as laid by the landlord for instance, all the major maintenance will be done by the landlord while the minor ones will be catered to by the tenant itself. Finally if the tenant agrees to the laid conditions, then the form needs to be signed first by the landlord, then by the tenant, and finally by a witness to the agreement.

Sample Landlord consent form




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