House Lease Agreement Form

House lease refers to the kind of deal wherein the owner of a house leases the respective property (or the house) to someone else (other than the owner) to use it for a pre- determined period of time. In these situations the owner of the house is referred to as the landlord and the party leasing out the house is referred to as the tenant. In this sense, a house lease agreement form is the form used by the landlords/ owner and/ or tenants when they want to get a legal agreement made to certify the deal made.

The form is filled out and submitted to the respective local/ state or federal authorities who then process the form and prepare the agreement. This agreement is then sent out to the landlord or the tenant for helping them keep legal record of the deal. To prepare the agreement, the details of both the parties, the details of the property and also the details of the terms etc. are required. The purpose of the form is also to record all of this information in appropriate manner so that it can then be used in the making of the agreement. Thus house lease agreement forms must be filled correctly so that the agreement also contains legally correct information.

Sample House Lease Agreement Form

House Lease Agreement Form

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