Hotel Guest Registration Form

Whenever a guest registers himself at a hotel or books a room or service, he/she needs to fill a registration document to record the details of the booking. This type of a document is known as a hotel guest registration form.

A hotel guest registration form is a form which is used by hotels to register their guests so that the same room is not booked by anyone else and also for record purpose. A hotel guest registration form is used commonly at all hotels and is generally in the form of a booklet consisting of multiple forms.

Hotel guest registration form is an extremely important document as it lists down the name and phone number of the guest, the room/rooms booked the number of nights of booking, the number of people in each room and the dates of stay.

The form is then filled in with the total cost of the stay and handed over to the guest at the time of checkout so as to inform them about the payment due.  Often, hotels may download these kinds of forms from the web and get them printed in multiple copies to be used on a day to day basis.

Sample Hotel Guest Registration Form:

Hotel Guest Registration Form

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