Hipaa Compliant Authorization Form

HIPAA is the federal health insurance portability and accountability act which was formed in the year 1996 and helps people in keeping their health insurance and keep healthcare information confidential and secure.  Since this act makes it difficult for medical authorities to use patient information, patients are requested to fill in a HIPAA compliant authorization form. These forms are meant for the patients to authorize medical authorities to conduct certain treatment or use patient information for medical purposes.  The compliant form is to be filled in by patients and is consent forms which are legally binding for the medical authorities to follow.

HIPAA compliant authorization form is a document which is present with hospital or other medical authorities as they need it on a regular basis. If these forms are not used and patient information is misused, then patients have a right to hold the hospital at fault and make a legal complaint. This is the reason why using HIPAA Compliant authorization forms is so important for anyone in the medical profession. Some of the fields that are present in such forms include Name of patient, age of patient, other patient information like medical condition, diseases, injuries and a signed statement of authorization.

Sample Hipaa Compliant Authorization Form

Hipaa compliant authorization form

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