General Manager Performance appraisal form

The General Manger Evaluation from is pretty elaborate, and needs to be very structured in order to effectively evaluate the individual. First, it includes basic details of the appraised individual such as name, the particular review period, the date when he joined, his department, the date of review etc.

Next part of the form deals in the set standards on which the General manger is graded accordingly. These are the key responsibilities or KRA of the General Manager. Few of them are as follows:

  1. Provides vision and leadership to the organization
  2. Assists Board of Directors with long term and annual plan development
  3. Researches and works on papers that will assist the organization to meet its long term goals
  4. Managing the employment and observation of regulatory norms and principles
  5.  Liaise with different subordinate managers like production manager to supervise hiring, and delivery of production and technical equipment if any.

These above mentioned standard are few of the many others that are required to assess a General Manager. Now based on these standards the GM is graded on a scale of 1-5, e.g. if graded a 4, then his performance was pretty remarkable, consistent, and he earned the respect of his subordinates. And if graded a 2 its means his performance wasn’t at all remarkable and he definitely failed to meet the standards.

Simple General Manager Performance appraisal form




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