General Contractor Proposal Form

Whenever a construction contractor who is also known as a general contractor proposes his/her services for a certain cost to a prospective client, he/she uses the method of a written proposal which is known as a general contractor proposal. A general contractor proposal is a document which consists of the many reasons why the client must hire the contractor for construction services.  The proposal is sent to the client who then decides whether or not the proposal is good enough or not. A general contractor proposal form is a document using which any general contractor can frame a proposal for himself.

A general contractor proposal form is a layout with proper headings and sections that are needed in proposals of this kind. Some of the main headings which are present are the name of the general contractor, years of experience, objective statement, details of construction proposal, the cost of services etc. Contractors can quickly jot down the needed information to customize the form and then send it across to the potential employer or client. These forms are easily available on the web and can be downloaded from there by anyone for their proposal needs and requirements.

Sample General Contractor Proposal Form:


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