Free Prenuptial Agreement Form

A pre- nuptial agreement is the agreement or contract which a, to- be- wife and to- be- husband (i.e. the bride and the groom) sign before they actually get married or take the nuptial vows. In this sort of an agreement the man and the woman who are getting married set certain rules relating to their marriage and also regarding what would happen if they reach the state of getting divorced in the future. The pre- nuptial agreement form is thus the form which has to be filled by these couples to get their prenuptial arrangement formalised and framed into a proper legally binding agreement.

The rules or the provisions in a pre- nuptial vary a lot with the some discussing the provisions or code that must be followed by both the bride and the groom during the marriage while some discussing how the property will be divided if the marriage breaks up. It is very essential that if a couple agrees to some such terms, they must get it framed into a legal agreement. These forms are the documents with the filling and filing of which the process of agreement formation and preparation starts. The form once framed would require the sign of both the individuals getting married.

Sample Free Prenuptial Agreement Form

Free Prenuptial Agreement Form

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