First Aid Risk Assessment Form

First aid risk assessment form is a type of assessment form used in assessing workplace hazards, the risk and potential danger to workers, the people qualified to give first aid treatment and the completeness of equipment and medical services needed in case of emergency or unexpected disaster occurs. This form is common to determine how many employees of a certain company knows how to give first aid and what to do in case of emergency situations.

Using the first aid assessment risk form will emphasize the following reminders:

Staff with extensive trainings and experiences where  their major roles and responsibilities when a disaster occurs are much in need. Incident reporting for every number of accidents and disasters along with the corrective actions taken for each incidents happened.

Potential /Risk factors for danger such as the location of the infrastructure, chemicals and electrical constituent of the building, the building design and its characteristics.

Safety/health precaution of the institution such as the presence of first aid kits and medical team, distance from the nearest hospital, fire exits and warning devices, trainings of staff for first aid and basic trainings for life saving measures. Institutions that can be contacted for any emergencies and disaster.

Sample First Aid Risk Assessment Form


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