Finance Proposal Form

Whenever a person is seeking a loan or any other kind of financial help from someone, it becomes important to frame a strong and convincing finance proposal which gives the person’s or company’s details, financial history and other such information for convincing the recipient for granting the financial help.  A finance proposal is an important document which must get approved by the recipient so as to obtain the loan or help. A finance proposal form is a form which can be used to prepare a finance proposal when asking for financial help from a bank or any other financial institute.

A finance proposal form comes with several main headings and some of them are given as follows:

  • Name and description of the company
  • The funding that is required
  • A brief history of the company
  • A detailed explanation of how the proceeds will be paid and in what time.
  • Brief of the company’s goals and how it aims to use the funding.

The users of this form can fill in the spaces to complete all this information.  The proposal must sound strong and should convince the recipient that the sender will be able to repay the loan or amount in the promised period of time.

Sample Finance Proposal Form:

Finance Proposal Form

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