FEMA Reimbursement Form

A FEMA or Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursement form is a document which is presented by an individual, or more commonly, by the governmental agencies of an individual’s state to FEMA in order to seek financial and other help during a disaster. FEMA is an organization of the UG Government’s Homeland Security Department which provides funds, both in cash and kind, to areas razed by disasters, both manmade and natural, and also provides infrastructural help to such areas. The government of a state beset by such a disaster must formally declare a state of emergency and apply to the FEMA for help. In order to receive benefits, a FEMA reimbursement form is used.

You can Download the Free FEMA Reimbursement Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. FEMA Reimbursement Form is either in MS Word and in Editable PDF.

Sample FEMA Reimbursement Form:

FEMA Reimbursement Form

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