Expense Reimbursement Authorization Form

Whenever a student of a university or an employee of a company incurs some kind of a cost which the authorities are supposed to pay for, then in that case, the individual might claim the expense payment from the authorities through a request for reimbursement.

The reimbursement is asked for through a form which is known as an expense reimbursement request form. But the form through which the authorities give their authorization or permission to make the payment is known as an expense reimbursement authorization form.

An expense reimbursement authorization form is basically a document in which the head of the university or company gives a formal permission that the expenses incurred by the individual should be reimbursed. The form gives several details which make the authorization formal and complete. The following are some of these details:

  • Name of the employee/student, address, contact number, working position/course name
  • Expenses incurred, purpose of expenses incurred, benefits of expenses incurred.
  • Date of expenses, time of expenses, cost center
  • Sign of the authorizing party, date of making the payment

The user of the form has to fill in the details in the spaces provided so as to complete the form and use it for official purpose.

Sample Expense Reimbursement Authorization Form:

Expense Reimbursement Authorization Form

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