Expense Approval Request Form

Whenever a person incurs an expense which he/she doesn’t have to pay but a higher authority has to pay for it, then he/she may request the authorities to pay for that amount. The best way to request the amount is to send a written request using a form which is known as an expense approval request form.

An expense approval request form is a document through which a person asks approval for payment of expenses incurred on a certain thing or service. The form records all the expenses which have to be paid for along with their details and descriptions.

An expense approval request form is a formal document which already comes with the fields and headings that are needed to make an expense approval request. These forms are generally used in workplaces where employees need to be reimbursed with the costs incurred on clients, official travels and other such matters.

By filling out the form and submitting it to the authorities, an employee can thus receive the amount spent by him for business need and benefit. Anyone can download these forms from the internet where they are either available for free of cost or for a minor charge.

Sample Expense Approval Request Form

Expense Approval Request Form

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