Expense Approval Form

Whenever the employee or worker of a company or an organization incurs an expense for the benefit or use of the company, then he/she is entitled to receive the total payment by the company. But before receiving this payment, the employee must get the expenses approved by the higher authorities.  To get these expenses approved, an employee may make use of a form which is issued to him/her by the company. This kind of a form is known as an expense approval form and is a formal document which must be filled in with all the details of the expenses for the approval of the company’s authorities.

An expense approval form is a document which consists of the various headings or fields which must be there to give the expense details. The following are some of these main fields or headings:

  • Name of the employee, working position of the employee
  • Date of expenses incurred, time of expenses incurred, type of the expenses incurred
  • Total expenses and division of the expenses.
  • Purpose or benefit of incurring the expenses.

These fields can be easily filled in so that the form can be submitted. Such forms can be found online and can be downloaded for free of cost.

Sample Expense Approval Form:

Expense Approval Form

Download Form

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