Executive Performance Appraisal Form

An executive performance appraisal form is a document that outlines the significant sections of performance appraisal for an executive of a certain company, business house, or corporate firm. The executive position demands sincerity in performance, for decisions taken at this particular job position determines many important courses of action taken by the company or firm; hence, it is important that the performance of the executive be assessed at regular intervals. The executive performance appraisal form is required to be filled up by higher/supervising authorities who should properly gauge the performance of the particular executive(s).

The executive performance appraisal form must be prepared in a manner such that it contains relevant questions and proper amount of spaces that would help judge the performance of the executive properly on the basis of the required metrics. This type of a form needs to be designed by a professional and must maintain the standard lineament, which would help qualify this as an important official document.

You can Download the Executive Performance Appraisal Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Executive Performance Appraisal Form is either in MS Word and Editable PDF.


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