Entertainment Expense Form

Whenever a company or an organization authorizes its employees or workers to engage in some kind of a social activity with a client or customer, it may allow the employees to present an expense report so that the company can pay for it.

Expenses can be of various types but those which are related to food, drinks, office parties, banquets, and other kinds of entertainments are known as entertainment expenses. Various companies provide its employees with certain forms wherein they can record the expenses and submit it to the authorities for payment. Such forms are termed as entertainment expense forms.

An entertainment expense form is a commonly used and widely popular form which can be either drafted by the company itself or downloaded through the internet for instant usage. The form has spaces left for users or employees to enter details of their expenses along with the date and time as well.

Some of the fields which are present in entertainment expense forms include name of employee, date of activity, mode of entertainment, time of activity, total expense, purpose of activity, number of participants, names of participants etc. The form is thus very easy to fill and customize.

Sample Entertainment Expense Form:

Entertainment Expense Form

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