Entertainment Expense Claim Form

In many organizations, the higher authorities may give the employees permission to spend money on their behalf for some greater benefit of the company. This money can be spent on clients either on business meeting dinners, parties, official outings or some other kind of an entertainment.

The employees may thus be required to note down the expenses so that the company can make its payment.  Companies issue a form which employees can use to record these kinds of expenses and these forms are known as entertainment expense claim forms.

An entertainment expense claim form is a form which allows employees to note down the date and other details of the expenses made on entertainment means. The following are some of the fields or headings which these types of forms consist of:

  • The name of the employee and other participants in the entertainment.
  • The date and time of entertainment.
  • The exact cost on entertainment and mode of entertainment used.
  • The purpose or benefit of the expenses.

These forms can be filled in by the employees and the form can then be submitted to the authorities so that the payment can be made at the earliest possible. These forms can be downloaded from the web.

Sample Entertainment Expense Claim Form:



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