Employee Statement Form

In working organizations or companies, in many cases, employees have to report certain incidents or give a statement regarding an incidence in which he/she was present as a witness. In such cases, employees may make use of certain documents or forms that help them record their statement in a formal manner. These types of forms are known as employee statement forms and are official documents which are issued by the company or the employer himself.

An employee statement form can be used for many different kinds of purposes and are issued by almost all companies and working organizations. These forms help employees jot down their statement with the correct format and in the least possible time frame. The form avoids any kinds of difficulty for the employees and also for the employers and is thus a very useful and beneficial kind of a document.  Some of the fields or headings which are present in employee statement forms are given below:

  • Name of employee
  • Working position of employee
  • Date of statement
  • Proper statement
  • Details and description of incidence
  • Time of incidence, date of incidence

These details can be easily filled in to complete the form and submit it to the higher authorities or officials.

Sample Employee Statement Form:



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