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Divorce forms are legal documents, the filling up of which is mandatory in the process of applying for a divorce. They can vary depending on the type of divorce. Divorce forms are legal notices hence they are usually composed in a crisp, professional manner. Divorce forms usually require filling up of personal information of the applicant and the reasons for divorce. The divorce forms may vary also according to the courts of a country and state. There are two primary kinds of divorces which are accepted by judiciary today and divorce forms, too, must highlight which form of divorce if being applied for:

  • ‘Fault’ divorce: In this type of divorce, the divorce form must mention why the applicant is filing divorce papers against his or her spouse. This is also known as stating the ‘grounds of divorce.’
  • ‘No fault divorce’: In this type of divorce, the form must indicate that the separation is based on ‘irreconcilable differences’. There are no grounds for divorce as such, only a mutual parting of ways.

The divorce form varies also on the basis of whether the issue is going to be contested or uncontested. The divorce form outlines the initial reasons for application for separation. Also, divorce forms may differ depending on whether one spouse fills it up or whether it is a joint application. Other crucial details include the presence of children, a declaration of assets, professions of both spouses etc. The information given in divorce forms must be completely accurate as they are legally binding.

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