Dental Assistant Evaluation Form

A dental assistant is a person working in a dental clinic and responsible for assisting the dentist or dental surgeon during the treatment processes. A dental assistant hands over the various tools etc. to the dentist and provides all other kinds of help and support. Dentists may often evaluate the dental assistants so as to find out how they have been performing and whether or not any action needs to be taken to further encourage them to do well. This is done through the method of a written dental assistant evaluation.

A dental assistant evaluation is a commonly conducted evaluation at dental clinics and to make it a simpler process, many dentists use dental assistant evaluation forms. A form of this kind is easy to use and consists of all that information or topics which an evaluation of this kind needs. A dental assistant evaluation form tries to evaluate the assistant on many grounds such as attendance, hygiene; support provided, responsibility, trust, honestly, reliability etc. The dentist only needs to fill in his/her responses so as to complete the process of evaluation. After filling in all these details, the result of the evaluation can be obtained quite easily.

Sample Dental Assistant Evaluation Form:

Dental Assistant Evaluation Form


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