Consent to Travel Form

Whenever a child travels in a flight on in any other means of transport alone, then the parents of the child must submit a written consent to the authorities so as to permit the child to travel. The written consent is generally given in the form of consent to travel form. Consent to travel form is a formal document which specifies the fact that the parents or guardians of a child have permitted him/her to travel in an airline or train. These forms are available with the airline or train authorities or can even be downloaded from the internet.

Consent to travel form must provide various important details like the name of the child, name of the guardian, age of the child, purpose of travelling, date of traveling, destination,  and a written consent which is signed by the parent or the guardian. The form must be duly filled by the guardian or the parents of the child and must be filled in formally, in the spaces that have been provided.  Consent to travel form is a compulsory document which must be attached to the other travel document of a child who is travelling alone. These forms are thus extremely important.

Sample Consent to Travel Form

Consent to Travel Form

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