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Consent Forms, as the name clearly implies, are flawless records of legal consent given by a person or an authority on a particular issue. These types of forms basically relate to research works in current political happenings or medical advancements, but the field of application of this form is profound. Authenticity and perfection are key factors, since a single mistake in these documents may prove to be detrimental as they mostly deal with highly sensitive issues. A few types of consent forms are given below:

  • Active Parental Consent Form: This type of a form records the consent of parents for the studies to be held on school students regarding various issues such as, school-based mental health, gendered opportunity, adolescent problems and their easy solutions, youth violence, teenager victimization and kidnaps, drug use, awareness regarding HIV-Aids prevention and a lot more.
  • Research Consent Form: It is a form that seals the consent of generally an authority related to which research works are to be held on various topics such as amniocentesis, IVF, etc.
  • Medical Release Consent Form: These forms are given by medical organizations such as hospitals and nursing homes during the release of a patient pre-maturedly and not as per prescriptions, for further treatment or otherwise, as decided by the patient and his family members.
  • Land Consent Form: This type gives a nod to the acquirement and development of a particular land for varied purposes. It takes care of environmental issues as well.

Consent forms may be of other types as well but the primary requirement of all of them is that they have to be unambiguous.

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