Commercial Lease Application Form

Planning to lease out your commercial property to a tenant? Before that, it is a must that both the parties mutually agree to the terms and conditions since there are quite a number of legal considerations attached to it. A typical commercial lease application form can be pretty long, and goes up to three to four pages. The form has clearly demarcated segments, which the applicant needs to fill on the basis of which their application is assessed.

The segments are as followed:

1.      Personal information on the tenant: This section is about the personal details of the applicant which is his name, date of birth, sex, phone numbers, email address etc.

2.      Residential history of the tenant: In this section the tenant needs to provide in depth details on his residential history as to what is his current address, how long he has stayed in this location, where he has stayed before, and for how long, whether he was the owner of the property or was it just on rent.

3.      Credit history detail: The credit history of the applicant is accessed from this part of the form where he need to provide information as to whether he has been bankrupt in the past 7 years, was he ever evicted from a property, has he ever refused rent both unintentionally or willfully etc.

4.      Employment detail: The employment details need to be provided in this section pertaining to current and past employers and positions held professionally. Applicants also need to fill in information about references as well.

Sample Commercial Lease Application Form




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