Classic Job Estimate Form

A classic job estimate form is a document which provides the customer or the client with a fair idea of what a particular service or job is likely to cost him. It is an important document which also serves as a plan of action or statement of intent on part of the company or agency hired by the client. It not only outlines the cost of a particular job, it also highlights the exact manner in which the job will be completed, the kind of materials and labour required, the costs of each and generally provide an idea to the client of what to expect from the agency. Since, the document is only an estimate; care should be taken to mention the fact in a disclaimer.

Often there are a number of terms and conditions attached with such document which must also be incorporated in the classic job estimate form. The form must be neat and transparent with no hidden costs. A well-made classic job estimate form will not differ too widely from the actual costs of the job. The form must be professional and created in software which allows it to be comprehensive and precise simultaneously.

You can Download the Classic Job Estimate Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Classic Job Estimate Form is in MS-Excel.

Classic Job Estimate Form

Classic Job Estimate Form

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