Human Resource Complaint Form

A human resource complaint form is a written form of document which is considered formal in nature. The person who can write this form is only a staff member or employee. It is a kind of official complaint received by the authority or management associated in handling complaints regarding of a person who worked as employee or staff member experienced issues against human resource department in a certain company or organization for their malpractices or offense’s done whether it affects the complainant directly or not. The person who made the complaint letter and filed against the human resource department will be kept confidential and recorded through the use of this form. However, any inconsistent information made by the complainant will hold him or her liable against action.

Such forms are used to be submitted to an authorized personnel or management in a company or organization which is legally responsible to take immediate and necessary actions of which the complainant is associated or under it and will be the one to make final decision regarding this kind of matter or similar to this so that in the future there will be no such things as repeated cases of issues to happen. In addition, this will give opportunity for both parties involved to hear both side of the stories to give fair and receive complete justice at the end of the forum or meeting. In this way any kind of issues arises to become a complaint will be resolved in a manner that is both agreed by the people involved and the person who is responsible for the act and seen to be at fault will be punished.

With the help of using this kind of complaint form, will make the company aware for the areas or departments which need concern for improvement helping to nurture competent staffs and feel comfortable in their working environment.

Sample Human Resource Complaint Form

Human Resource Complaint Form

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Employee Reprimand Form

Every business organization run with the help of employees, staff members or workers and it is very important for every worker to work in discipline and conduct activities according to a certain fixed protocol. When employees start acting as opposed to the employer’s expectations or rules, they need to be reprimanded so as to help improve their behavior or correct a certain action. Employee reprimand forms are those formal documents which are used by employee supervisors to give information about the action taken against an employee’s ill behavior.  These forms must be written using an official format and tone.

Employee reprimand forms must consist of the name, department name and job position of the employee who is to be reprimanded. Apart from this, the form must also mention the act for which the employee is being reprimanded and the action that is taken against him/her by the supervisor or authorities.  The due date of action, the consequences of repeated ill behavior and other details are also often given in these forms.  At the bottom of the form, the supervisor must give his/her signature along with the date of form signing and employee acknowledgement.  The form must ultimately be signed by the highest authorities to consent the reprimand.

Sample Employee Reprimand Form

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Hipaa Compliant Authorization Form

HIPAA is the federal health insurance portability and accountability act which was formed in the year 1996 and helps people in keeping their health insurance and keep healthcare information confidential and secure.  Since this act makes it difficult for medical authorities to use patient information, patients are requested to fill in a HIPAA compliant authorization form. These forms are meant for the patients to authorize medical authorities to conduct certain treatment or use patient information for medical purposes.  The compliant form is to be filled in by patients and is consent forms which are legally binding for the medical authorities to follow.

HIPAA compliant authorization form is a document which is present with hospital or other medical authorities as they need it on a regular basis. If these forms are not used and patient information is misused, then patients have a right to hold the hospital at fault and make a legal complaint. This is the reason why using HIPAA Compliant authorization forms is so important for anyone in the medical profession. Some of the fields that are present in such forms include Name of patient, age of patient, other patient information like medical condition, diseases, injuries and a signed statement of authorization.

Sample Hipaa Compliant Authorization Form

Hipaa compliant authorization form

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Financial Services Authority Complaint Form

In the past, if a customer suffered from certain problems associated with the financial services delivered by the financial institutions then he/she could not take any strict action against the institution. But now financial services authorities have come into existence due to which customers can voice their complaints and opinions against the financial institutions in a better way. You can actually fill and submit a financial services authority complaint form against any institution and resolve your issues conveniently.

Like any other form, the financial services authority complaint form will ask for the personal and other relevant details of the complainant like name, occupation, contact details, date of birth etc. At times the complaint might be made by some other person on your behalf. Then his/her details should be mentioned in the form as well. After that, information related to the financial institution (broker, insurance company, bank etc) is to be provided in the form. Details about your complaint have to be filled along with the solutions you have to offer to the authorities. You even have to make a declaration allowing the relevant authority to take appropriate action against the financial institution. The financial services authority complaint form ends with the signature of the complainant or complainants.

Sample Financial Services Authority Complaint Form



Apartment Resident Complaint Form

A majority of the people consider that the apartments are a luxury especially the fully furnished ones. Apartments provide all kinds of utilities like garden, swimming pool, gym, community hall, computer area and so on. If you are a resident of an apartment then you will surely be aware of the many benefits of the apartments. However, sometime you may face some issue or the other against the management of the apartment or some person who is in charge of the apartment. Then you will have to fill the apartment resident complaint form so that the issue can be handled efficiently.

Just like any complaint form, the apartment resident form also begins the complainant’s name, phone number, present address, email id and other personal details. Then the information like the apartment community’s name, address and people involved in the management and maintenance of the apartments is provided in the form. Cost of the apartment you have rented or bought has to be mentioned clearly in the form. The date on which you moved in the apartment and moved out of the apartment is also provided in the form. The form will ask you to fill in the details of your complaints and of remedial measures who think should be adopted.

Sample Apartment Resident Complaint Form