Auto Claim Report Form

Whenever an automobile owner who already has auto insurance undergoes an automobile accident, he/she may want to report the accident to the insurance agency so as to claim the insurance money. These kinds of reports or accident details are given to the insurance company by the means of written document which is known as an auto claim report.

Often, insurance companies issue forms so that its clients or customers can easily jot down auto claim reports and such forms are termed as auto claim report forms. An auto claim report form is a document on which an automobile insurance holder can clearly give the details of the claim or accident.

The following are some of the fields or headings which an auto claim report form consists of:

  • Name of the insured driver, details of the driver such as license number etc.
  • Details of the insured vehicle or automobile such as the license plate number, date of registration, insurance details
  • Details of the accident-date, time, damage incurred, location

After filling these details, the customer or vehicle owner can submit it to the authorities so that the right amount of insurance money can be transferred to him/her. These forms can be downloaded from the web.

Sample Auto Claim Report Form

Employee Statement Form


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