Affidavit Forms

Affidavit forms usually consist of as a sworn statement of fact that is signed by an affiant also known as deponent and a witness.  In most cases, the witness is a notary public.  There are certain key details which must be included in affidavit forms.  These include the full name, age, address, location, state, zip code and country of the affiant.

The telephone and mobile numbers must also be included as well as the affiant’s occupation and current country of residence.  The sworn statement or declaration by the affiant must also be included.  This statement contains key information that states the purpose of the affidavit forms.  The final details that are included in this form are the signatures, full names and date of signing of both the affiant and the witness.  Affidavit forms can only be legally binding if signed by both parties.  Affidavit forms are usually used by publishers, asset and finance companies, attorneys and bidders.

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