Advertising Agency Evaluation Form

Advertising is one of the most important aspects of marketing and is a mechanism using which a company or a business brings itself to the notice of the public and promotes its products or services. Advertising agencies are those kinds of companies or entities which help companies choose various forms of advertising to promote themselves. Every once in a while it becomes important to evaluate the performance of an advertising agency. This evaluation may be done either by the client company or by any other government or other organization.

The evaluation is in written format and for this; the help of advertising agency evaluation form may be taken. An advertising agency evaluation form is a kind of a form which consists of all those fields and headings that are needed to evaluate an advertising agency. The form tries to evaluate or asks for responses about the agency on several grounds such as the performance, results produced, pricing, quality, success ratio, communication etc.

The user of the evaluation form can quickly jot down the responses to come to a certain conclusion about the overall effectiveness or efficiency of the advertising agency. These kinds of forms are easily available online.

Sample Advertising Agency Evaluation Form

Advertising Agency Evaluation Form


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